Spencer Butte


I’m a Real Estate Broker here in the Eugene Oregon area.  I love this town and I want a chance to show others why.  With the new year it is always great to start new goals and for me it is to exercise more.  I don’t have just one exercise I like, so I am going to try all that I can in Eugene and the surrounding areas!  This is Day 3!

This is a great hike for all.  It is short enough for the kids to make it up on their own, you can do it in just a short amount of time, and it is right in the middle of Eugene so it is easy to get to.  For me it took just over an hour to make it up and down.

There are two options from the trail head, one that I believe most people take and then another one that has the sign you see to the left!  For those of you that know me,you aren’t too surprised that I chose the trail that claimed to be difficult!  A lot of the trail looks like this:Lots of rocks and lots of steps!IMG_20180117_121905251

I loved IMG_20180117_122808684it, and so did my dog as he turned into a temporary mountain goat.  My kids have done this trail in the past and loved it, at the time they were 6,9,11, and 13.  It’s only 0.7 miles to the top, but it is straight up to the top!






At the top you get 360° of views of Eugene, every direction goes on for miles!


IMG_20180117_124951070Today the weather picked up and I had large enough gusts of wind that I decided it was best to sit while taking in the scenery.  Here is some of what I saw!  If I zoom in you can see the Autzen Stadium, home of the ducks!   IMG_20180117_124931022_HDRIMG_20180117_124931022_HDR


For variety, and because the start of the trail was closest when it was time to leave, I took the other route down.  This was a much more leisurely pace, there are still a few rock steps near the top, but the trail levels out with the help of switch-backs and being longer than the way I took up.          IMG_20180117_130505628IMG_20180117_130513237

It does not matter which way you go, but get out there.  Get moving.  And enjoy this great town of Eugene Oregon!  And maybe one day I’ll see you on the trail!IMG_20180117_131813345

Arm Day at the Gym!


I’m a Real Estate Broker here in Eugene Oregon, and I serve the surrounding areas.  I’m exploring different ways to exercise throughout the county, but mostly in town. Here is Day 2!

I have found several options around town that look appealing as exercise options, but I feel they will be more fun if I have more upper body strength, so I decided to hit the gym!  There are three approaches I like to take at the gym, take a class, swim some laps, or most often (and the choice I picked today) the cardio room followed by some weights.

I went 3.15 miles yesterday, so I decided that was a good distance for today as well, but I went much faster.  I hit my distance goal in 34 minutes and 22 seconds.  Not a record, but a good start.  Then off to the weight room and worked my arms.IMG_20180116_192013561

Not a very interesting workout, but I’m staying accountable by letting you know what I did.  And I must say, the gym is a great place with some really amazing people!



I’m afraid I’m going to be sore tomorrow!