Fern Ridge Resevoir

There is no time like the present, and so we decided to take the boat out during the first week of May.  It was cold, but we were ready to get the season started!

Me and the hubby on Fern Ridge Lake!  We took all 4 kids, and the dog.


6338fe069a64aee1c830f4bfd21cf76f--ferns-explorationWe went to Fern Ridge Reservoir which is located just 12 miles west of Downtown Eugene.  It’s a quick drive and we frequently have the lake all to ourselves.  Fern Ridge is 9,000 acres, which makes it southern Willamette Valley’s largest reservoir.  It can be accessed by heading west on Clear Lake Rd just less than 6 miles from OR-99 N.


Beautiful, smooth water, all to ourselves!


Fern Ridge is popular for various water sports including:

  • windsurfing
  • sailing
  • water skiing
  • flat water kayaking
  • stand up paddling
  • swimming
  • fishing

We have seen all of these activities while out on the water.  I haven’t tried them all.  Have you?  I would love to give windsurfing, paddle boarding and sailing a try!  They are the only ones I have not done.


Another great thing about Fern Ridge, the boat ramp is one of the easiest we’ve seen.  The ramp itself is short and there are two ramps to prevent congestion.  The staff at the lake have always been friendly and willing to help making each trip enjoyable!

If you do not feel like hauling your boat each trip, they also have a marina you can store your boat at for a monthly fee.

A great overcast day, even though it was a little chilly.


We have always had a great time at Fern Ridge, whether it is just us or we bring a crowd, everyone has a wonderful adventure.  Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Approved by kids and dogs alike!


Spencer Butte


I’m a Real Estate Broker here in the Eugene Oregon area.  I love this town and I want a chance to show others why.  With the new year it is always great to start new goals and for me it is to exercise more.  I don’t have just one exercise I like, so I am going to try all that I can in Eugene and the surrounding areas!  This is Day 3!

This is a great hike for all.  It is short enough for the kids to make it up on their own, you can do it in just a short amount of time, and it is right in the middle of Eugene so it is easy to get to.  For me it took just over an hour to make it up and down.

There are two options from the trail head, one that I believe most people take and then another one that has the sign you see to the left!  For those of you that know me,you aren’t too surprised that I chose the trail that claimed to be difficult!  A lot of the trail looks like this:Lots of rocks and lots of steps!IMG_20180117_121905251

I loved IMG_20180117_122808684it, and so did my dog as he turned into a temporary mountain goat.  My kids have done this trail in the past and loved it, at the time they were 6,9,11, and 13.  It’s only 0.7 miles to the top, but it is straight up to the top!






At the top you get 360° of views of Eugene, every direction goes on for miles!


IMG_20180117_124951070Today the weather picked up and I had large enough gusts of wind that I decided it was best to sit while taking in the scenery.  Here is some of what I saw!  If I zoom in you can see the Autzen Stadium, home of the ducks!   IMG_20180117_124931022_HDRIMG_20180117_124931022_HDR


For variety, and because the start of the trail was closest when it was time to leave, I took the other route down.  This was a much more leisurely pace, there are still a few rock steps near the top, but the trail levels out with the help of switch-backs and being longer than the way I took up.          IMG_20180117_130505628IMG_20180117_130513237

It does not matter which way you go, but get out there.  Get moving.  And enjoy this great town of Eugene Oregon!  And maybe one day I’ll see you on the trail!IMG_20180117_131813345

Sweet Creek Trail

IMG_20170520_145315193_HDRI had a great hike the other day along the Sweet Creek Falls trail.  It’s about 11 miles south of Mapleton, and includes some absolutely gorgeous views of multiple waterfalls.  The trail is mostly level, easy enough for the kiddoes (although not stroller friendly) and relatively short (2.2 miles round trip).  There are even several different trailheads that can be taken if you want a shorter hike.  There is one vault toilet at the Homestead trailhead and no running water, so plan accordingly!  Find out more about this trail here.IMG_20170520_152627430_HDR