Fern Ridge Resevoir

There is no time like the present, and so we decided to take the boat out during the first week of May.  It was cold, but we were ready to get the season started!

Me and the hubby on Fern Ridge Lake!  We took all 4 kids, and the dog.


6338fe069a64aee1c830f4bfd21cf76f--ferns-explorationWe went to Fern Ridge Reservoir which is located just 12 miles west of Downtown Eugene.  It’s a quick drive and we frequently have the lake all to ourselves.  Fern Ridge is 9,000 acres, which makes it southern Willamette Valley’s largest reservoir.  It can be accessed by heading west on Clear Lake Rd just less than 6 miles from OR-99 N.


Beautiful, smooth water, all to ourselves!


Fern Ridge is popular for various water sports including:

  • windsurfing
  • sailing
  • water skiing
  • flat water kayaking
  • stand up paddling
  • swimming
  • fishing

We have seen all of these activities while out on the water.  I haven’t tried them all.  Have you?  I would love to give windsurfing, paddle boarding and sailing a try!  They are the only ones I have not done.


Another great thing about Fern Ridge, the boat ramp is one of the easiest we’ve seen.  The ramp itself is short and there are two ramps to prevent congestion.  The staff at the lake have always been friendly and willing to help making each trip enjoyable!

If you do not feel like hauling your boat each trip, they also have a marina you can store your boat at for a monthly fee.

A great overcast day, even though it was a little chilly.


We have always had a great time at Fern Ridge, whether it is just us or we bring a crowd, everyone has a wonderful adventure.  Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Approved by kids and dogs alike!



Moving into a new home is an exciting time, and you’re probably daydreaming about decor and paint schemes and new furniture. But before you get into the fun stuff, there are some basics you should cover first.

Change the locks

Even if you’re promised that new locks have been installed in your home, you can never be too careful. It’s worth the money to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no one else has the keys to your home. Changing the locks can be a DIY project, or you can call in a locksmith for a little extra money.

Steam clean the carpets

It’s good to get a fresh start with your floors before you start decorating. The previous owners may have had pets, young children, or just some plain old clumsiness. Take the time to steam clean the carpets so that your floors are free of stains and allergens. It’s pretty easy and affordable to rent a steam cleaner—your local grocery store may have them available.

Call an exterminator

Prior to move-in, you probably haven’t spent enough time in the house to get a view of any pests that may be lurking. Call an exterminator to take care of any mice, insects, and other critters that may be hiding in your home.

Clean out the kitchen

If the previous occupants wanted to skip on some of their cleaning duties when they moved out, the kitchen is where they probably cut corners. Wipe down the inside of cabinets, clean out the refrigerator, clean the oven, and clean in the nooks and crannies underneath the appliances.

Ceramic Tile Supply NW

logoGood quality materials and outstanding customer service are what you get at Ceramic Tile Supply NW.  The owner Chris opened the retail store in 2009, but he has been selling tile wholesale since 1999.  That is 19 years of experience!  Whether you are working on the project yourself or whether you are working with a contractor, the very knowledgeable staff at Ceramic Tile Supply NW are there to serve you the minute you walk through the door.

They have a vast selection of tile.

My husband and I recently renovated our bathroom and were in need of tile for the flooring.  We had never done a project like this before, but we are surrounded by wonderful people that lent us their expertise.  Once we walked into Ceramic Tile Supply NW we were welcomed and they listened to what we wanted and were looking for.  They gave us suggestions based on what we wanted to do, and stuck with our budget.  Serving our needs was their priority.  The staff helped us to understand how to lay the tile, what additional tools and supplies we would need, and the different characteristics of the tile (such as amount of slippage when wet).  The whole staff truly knows their product!  We left feeling confident that we got the right tile for the job, and that we were on the right track for installing it.  And better yet, that they were there for us if we were in need of more help.

Ceramic Tile Supply NW viewed from W. 7th Ave in Eugene, OR
Ceramic Tile Supply NW viewed from Fillmore St in Eugene, OR

What really went above and beyond was when they rang up our purchase and it was one of the lowest sales they had done in quite some time, and the customer service did not change!  It did not matter to them that we were a small sell; they still made sure we were well cared for.

The level of customer service leaves you wanting to find another project so you can go and visit them again.

The owner Chris and me.  He’s friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to serve.

Aerial Silks!!!!

I’m a real estate agent, a mother, a wife, and a woman!  I love to take care of myself as well as all of those around me.  One way I love to take care of myself is by exercising.  I am trying out as many different ways to exercise as  I can find in the Eugene/Springfield Area.  Here is day 12 in my quest to exercise more!

I’ve just got to say that this activity was so much fun!  There were about a dozen of us there and all of the ladies were so supportive of each other.  It was a super fun activity and a very safe atmosphere.  You can find the class inside the Northwest Ninja Park in Springfield Oregon (the Ninja Park could be another possibility for a fun activity).  There are adult classes and children’s classes for both the silks and the Ninja Park.IMG_20180126_193829899

It was my very first class, EVER, and I felt like I was able to do so much.  The first few minutes are stretching and warm up, but then they put you right on the silks.  They teach you a few ways to climb the silks and you do that until it feels like your arms are jello, and then they teach you a few tricks.  At the very end, they demonstrated A DROP, but said it would take too long to get over the fear for any of us to execute that move.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  It was definitely scary, but I saw the more experienced members of the class doing scarier things, so I figured I would just give it a try.

Sorry there is so much of my derriere in the video, and I need to smile while concentrating.

A great night in all, and now to take care of some fabric burns!

What else sounds like fun!  I’m up to a challenge.