Fern Ridge Resevoir

There is no time like the present, and so we decided to take the boat out during the first week of May.  It was cold, but we were ready to get the season started!

Me and the hubby on Fern Ridge Lake!  We took all 4 kids, and the dog.


6338fe069a64aee1c830f4bfd21cf76f--ferns-explorationWe went to Fern Ridge Reservoir which is located just 12 miles west of Downtown Eugene.  It’s a quick drive and we frequently have the lake all to ourselves.  Fern Ridge is 9,000 acres, which makes it southern Willamette Valley’s largest reservoir.  It can be accessed by heading west on Clear Lake Rd just less than 6 miles from OR-99 N.


Beautiful, smooth water, all to ourselves!


Fern Ridge is popular for various water sports including:

  • windsurfing
  • sailing
  • water skiing
  • flat water kayaking
  • stand up paddling
  • swimming
  • fishing

We have seen all of these activities while out on the water.  I haven’t tried them all.  Have you?  I would love to give windsurfing, paddle boarding and sailing a try!  They are the only ones I have not done.


Another great thing about Fern Ridge, the boat ramp is one of the easiest we’ve seen.  The ramp itself is short and there are two ramps to prevent congestion.  The staff at the lake have always been friendly and willing to help making each trip enjoyable!

If you do not feel like hauling your boat each trip, they also have a marina you can store your boat at for a monthly fee.

A great overcast day, even though it was a little chilly.


We have always had a great time at Fern Ridge, whether it is just us or we bring a crowd, everyone has a wonderful adventure.  Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Approved by kids and dogs alike!


Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path System

I’m a Realtor and I love the town I live in, Eugene Oregon.  I would love to show you some of the ways that I have been impressed with this town.  I am exercising in as many ways as I can and sharing what I find.  Here is Day 16!

Today was another day of exercising in Eugene.  I hopped back on my bike and headed down the Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path System.  Following along the Willamette River, and going right through Alton Baker Park, this path system connects a large portion of Eugene.  It makes it safe to travel around the town without having to share the road with vehicles (occasionally the path system does merge with the roads).  Heading northwest from Alton Baker Park you reach Skinner Butte Park; one of my kid’s favorite parks with a large play structure and water features to play on.  Skinner Butte Park was the first park that we visited when we moved to Eugene in 2016.  We were out for a bike ride on the Riverbank Path and happened upon it.

I love being able to follow the water and see the ducks and geese while I ride.

The path is always populated, but never so much that it feels crowded.  There is a great running and biking community here in Eugene.  You can see it on the trails and how well they are maintained, and you can see it on the buildings as you drive through town.


For me it helps remind me, and motivate me, to get out and move!

Rain or shine, Eugene is on the run!

Where shall I go next?  What haven’t I tried that I should?

Pre’s Trail


I’m a Realtor with RE/MAX Integrity here in the Eugene/Springfield area.  I’m on a mission to exercise through the Eugene area.  I want to try as many things as possible; hikes, walking paths, and exercise locations, etc.  What should I add to my list?  What would you like me to try to let you know how it goes?

Eugene is also known as Track Town USA.  Running is a pretty big deal around here and some of the Olympic trials are held at the track for University of Oregon.  One of the big names in running is Steve Prefontaine.

Steve “Pre” Prefontaine was an Olympic runner that went to the University of Oregon.

Prefontaine 1969

Pre ran distance running and at one time held seven American records!  Within Alton Baker Park you can find “Pre’s Trail.”  It is

A close look at Pre’s trail

dedicated to just foot traffic with a wood chip surface opposed to the paved or gravel surfaces throughout the rest of the park.

A great way to get a pretty good idea about Pre’s life, and a little history of Running in Oregon is the 1997 movie entitled “Prefontaine.”

Today I ran Pre’s Trail.  I ran from one side where the trail starts to the I-5; the trail keeps going just a little beyond, but my legs were done and I still had to go back!  As it was, my pedometer says IIMG_20180125_094300302

went 5 miles.  I’m pretty happy with that, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow!

The trail is beautiful, and although it was raining off and on, I mostly stayed dry!  The trail follows the river at parts, then there are ponds that you also come across like the one in this picture.  Another place you can join the trail is at the Alton Baker Dog Park.

That ends Day 11, what kind of exercise would you like to see me do?




Alton Baker Park




I’m a Real Estate Broker here in the Eugene area.  A part of Oregon I truly love and wish to share the beauty of it with others.  I work with some wonderful people at RE/MAXIntegrity here in town and we are doing a “Biggest Loser” challenge!  This is one of my adventures in an attempt to lose the greatest percentage and take home the prize!

Today was Martin Luther King Jr Day, which meant I had all of my kids home from school today.  Exercising with all of them around can sometimes call for some creativity, but I took the easy way out today and took all of them and the dog on a walk at Alton Baker Park.


One of my favorite things about this park is that the trails follow alongside the Willamette River.  The sounds of the river are enjoyable as we walk, but it also serves as a great distraction for my kids as I push them to walk just a little bit further.  Today we chose to use the walking trails, but there is so much more offered at the park.  Some of these things include a BMX track, a dog park, disc golf, boat launch, art scattered throughout, and performance space; just to name a few.  IMG_20180115_152337633


One of my favorite art pieces is a one billionth scale model of the Solar System.  I enjoy it because it gives me something to look forward to as I walk, but it could also be used as a great motivator as you push yourself to make it to the next planet!



IMG_20180115_160149783Has anyone actually found all of the planets in one trip?  The sun is near the main parking area; Mercury is also within the parking area, I think the furthest I have paid attention to them is to Earth.  I think a bike ride would be a great way to find all of them.



On the outset we decided we would walk for 30 minutes and then turn around and walk back seeing the same stretch of the park from both directions.  For us it was a total of 3.15 miles, which for me is 6812 steps.  Not a bad start as I begin this exercise adventure through Lane County!

Where else should I go?  What is your favorite type of exercise?  IMG_20180115_151633367


Soccer is a great sport that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and abilities.  It isn’t the only sport in the Eugene area, but it is a popular one.  Whether you want a recreational league or something more competitive, we’ve got you covered.

L.Y.S.A. (Lane Youth Soccer Association) is a co-ed league, open to players of all abilities with no tryouts, no cuts, and all players get to play at least half the game.  A bonus is there are no Sunday games, so soccer won’t eat up your whole weekend!  L.Y.S.A. provides both a spring and fall season, both of which are outdoors rain or shine, and being Eugene, it will rain so bring an umbrella!

2017-05-18 17.19.33
Soccer mom in the flesh!

Kidsports is also an “everyone plays” league designed to increase the field size and number of players on the field as the child ages.  There are opportunities for kids as young as 3 years old and all the way to 8th grade.  The games are outside and play rain or shine in both the fall season and the spring season.  The schedule for Kidsports can be any day of the week including Saturday and Sunday.

For those with a more competitive nature, we have the Eugene Timbers Futbol Club, Pelada Football Academy, and Kick City Sports Park.

The Eugene Timbers Futbol Club, or the Timbers Alliance, has a strategic partnership with the Portland Timbers (Oregon’s MLS soccer team) to advance both individual and team skills.  The club has several camps and to join the league you need to make it to their tryouts for players 11 and older.  They have a 4-10 year old program, ETFC Little Timbers, designed around ensuring maximum number of touches on the ball by using “small sided” games of 3 or 4 per side depending on the age of the players.  The Little Timbers program “was created and designed with the purpose of creating a fun and postitive leaning environment for young soccer players.”  Being a competitive program, you will find yourself traveling more than the recreational leagues.

Designed for players 4-18 years old, the Pelada Football Academy  has 4 levels of play based on age and skill level.  The academy runs year round, benefiting from indoor soccer during the winter season.  During part of the year, training sessions are accompanied with optional tournaments.  The winter league is indoor and the spring and fall leagues are outside.  There are no tryouts for the academy, but they hold “team formation sessions” at the beginning of each season to place new players on existing teams.  Depending on your desire to travel, and how often you wish to practice each week, Pelada Football Academy has a program for you.

Kick City Sports Park is the one-stop spot for players of all ages.  Their Lil’ Kickers program is designed to let the kids be kids.  Provided for kids ages 18 months to 12 years old, Lil’ Kickers uses “innovative games and child centered teaching” to teach children about not only soccer but also about life.  And for the adults out there, Kick City Sports Park has adult leagues!!!  Adult leagues occur both in the spring and summer.  If you do not have a team, contact Kick City and they will either build a new team if they have enough players needing one, or they will find an existing team you can join.  They have several levels for each category of Men’s league, Women’s league, and Coed.  So if you’re ready to play, bring your friends and call up Kick City Sports Park!

Whatever your interest, come join a league!  Soccer is great for team building and getting out that extra energy.  You don’t need to be a great runner to come play, just a desire to have fun, we’ve got a league for you here in Eugne Oregon!