Aerial Silks!!!!

I’m a real estate agent, a mother, a wife, and a woman!  I love to take care of myself as well as all of those around me.  One way I love to take care of myself is by exercising.  I am trying out as many different ways to exercise as  I can find in the Eugene/Springfield Area.  Here is day 12 in my quest to exercise more!

I’ve just got to say that this activity was so much fun!  There were about a dozen of us there and all of the ladies were so supportive of each other.  It was a super fun activity and a very safe atmosphere.  You can find the class inside the Northwest Ninja Park in Springfield Oregon (the Ninja Park could be another possibility for a fun activity).  There are adult classes and children’s classes for both the silks and the Ninja Park.IMG_20180126_193829899

It was my very first class, EVER, and I felt like I was able to do so much.  The first few minutes are stretching and warm up, but then they put you right on the silks.  They teach you a few ways to climb the silks and you do that until it feels like your arms are jello, and then they teach you a few tricks.  At the very end, they demonstrated A DROP, but said it would take too long to get over the fear for any of us to execute that move.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  It was definitely scary, but I saw the more experienced members of the class doing scarier things, so I figured I would just give it a try.

Sorry there is so much of my derriere in the video, and I need to smile while concentrating.

A great night in all, and now to take care of some fabric burns!

What else sounds like fun!  I’m up to a challenge.