I am a Real Estate Broker in the Eugene/Springfield area, and I want to not only find you a

No make-up, but I’m happy to be there!

home, but I want to find you a community!  Right now I am on the hunt to find all of the places I can to exercise in the area and to let you know the great things about them!

Today took me to 9Round in Springfield Oregon.  At 9Round you go through 9 stations at 3 minutes a piece with active breaks between each station.  By active breaks I mean such things as squats, lunges, calf raises, etc.  The personal trainer keeps you moving through the stations, makes sure you are performing the moves correctly, and motivates you to power through.  They do all of this in a supportive and upbeat manner.  A bonus is that they have a free introductory lesson!

The personal trainers explain each of the different moves so you can confidently do them, and they watch over you the whole time, making sure the moves are done in a manner that will give you the most benefit.

The full body workout is quick, in a great facility, with supportive and friendly staff.  Each workout is unique, so you never get bored or reach stagnation.  But for today, I did the following stations to give you an idea of what the workouts are like:

  • Station 1 – jump rope
  • Station 2 – Squat kicks while holding an 8 lb ball
  • Station 3 – Working on Jabs and Crosses against a double-end bag (they have you wear gloves)
  • Station 4 – Front kicks against a heavy bag
  • Station 5 – Upper cuts against a bag
  • Station 6 – Side kicks against a bag
  • Station 7 – Knee kicks against a horizontal bag/ shin kicks against the same bag
  • Station 8 – Speed bag
  • Station 9 – V sit-ups, where you are in a sit-up position with a 10 lb ball over your head, and then you sit up so the ball goes up, one foot comes up, and they touch.
    That ball near the front of the picture is the 8 lb ball I did squats with.
    Double-ended bag for jabs and crosses.
    Bag for front kicks.
    IMG_20180209_122825886 (1)
    Upper cut bag
    Horizontal bag for knee kicks and shin kicks. These were my favorite!

    The bag I used for side kicks.

They made me sweat, they made me laugh, they let me try things I had never done before!  A great experience I would recommend to just about anyone!

What other exercises should I try?  What is your favorite?

Water Aerobics!

I’m a Real Estate Broker here in the Eugene/Springfield area.  I love to exercise, but I also love variety.  When my brokerage challenged us to a “Biggest Loser” contest, I went all in!  I am committed to working out in some form every day, and I’m touring my way through Eugene and the surrounding areas as I go.  Where will I exercise next?  And what will I be doing?

Today is day 10!  I still have a long way to go, but I’ve got a great start.  Water Aerobics is where I was today; at Sheldon Pool (right next to Sheldon High School).  They have several options to choose from, for me, I chose Deep Water Aerobics.  Partly because it fit into my schedule, but mostly because it sounded like an intense workout, but there is something for every fitness level.  The drop-in fee for water aerobics is $4, but the first class is free!


Most people do not associate water aerobics with intense workout, but you get out of it IMG_20180124_131135603what you put into it.  Just remember that if you hit a body of water fast enough, it is like hitting a cement wall.  If you move your body and put the effort into it, the water creates a great resistance that will give you a full body workout.


Being in the deep water, there are two options to help you from having to tread water the whole time, and makes the movements more possible.  You can either wear a belt or ankle floats.  When asking for help from a fellow classmate about what I needed to take


into the water, she mentioned that the ankle floats were harder, but gave you a great core workout (sign me up!).  I was surprised at how well strapping these babies to my ankles kept me afloat!  The movements took more concentration this way, but I eventually feel I got the hang of them.

The class lasted an hour, and I left feeling like I pushed myself and got a workout.  At the end, the instructor mentioned that she is working on starting an “intense” water aerobic class within the next month or so.  Gearing the new class toward those wishing to put in more effort.  I will definitely be going again!

The pool was filled with wonderful ladies to workout with and Sheldon Pool is a friendly environment!IMG_20180124_131231553


*Second visit to Sheldon pool for water aerobics!  It was a fun time, and I really felt like I got a good workout, so I went back.  This time there were 5 of us in the class, so plenty of room in the pool to move and not run into each other.  And that concludes day 17!

Arm Day at the Gym!


I’m a Real Estate Broker here in Eugene Oregon, and I serve the surrounding areas.  I’m exploring different ways to exercise throughout the county, but mostly in town. Here is Day 2!

I have found several options around town that look appealing as exercise options, but I feel they will be more fun if I have more upper body strength, so I decided to hit the gym!  There are three approaches I like to take at the gym, take a class, swim some laps, or most often (and the choice I picked today) the cardio room followed by some weights.

I went 3.15 miles yesterday, so I decided that was a good distance for today as well, but I went much faster.  I hit my distance goal in 34 minutes and 22 seconds.  Not a record, but a good start.  Then off to the weight room and worked my arms.IMG_20180116_192013561

Not a very interesting workout, but I’m staying accountable by letting you know what I did.  And I must say, the gym is a great place with some really amazing people!



I’m afraid I’m going to be sore tomorrow!